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When riding in the back of your wedding limousine, on the way to your hotel or on an airport transfer to take off for your honeymoon, the last thing you expect to hear is the spinning of tires and the revving of engines as you share a kiss on what should be your wedding night.

However, a New South Wales limousine chauffeur in Australia has ensured that the bride and groom he was transporting in their black Holden Caprice limousine got just that as he challenged a Commodore parked at a red light next to him to a drag race.

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The limousine chauffeur then set off at speeds of up to 130 km/h along the Great Western Highway in a drag race with a car full of teenagers. The bride and groom were understandably upset that instead of riding home after their wedding reception in a professional and stylish limousine, their chauffeur risked their lives and the bride and groom were offered a lift home in the back of a police car. Both the chauffeur and the driver of the other car have been charged with taking part in a race, dangerous driving and exceeding the speed limit by 45 km/h.

While this is not behavior which is encouraged for limousine chauffeurs, it does prove that you need to do careful research before booking your wedding limousines, or limousines for any other event too.

You need to find out about the reputation of the limo hire company and their chauffeurs and the experience of both, and you also need to be suspicious if the limo hire company is unwilling to share that sort of information.

While you can run around the UK looking into the backgrounds of limo hire companies and chauffeurs, we know you have things youd rather be doing, so to avoid being part of an illegal street race on your wedding night, Hire Limos does all of the research for you, before finding you the perfect limousine.