Teachers Are Appreciated

These days limousines are not just for celebrities and weddings. Hiring a limo for a special occasion is a great way to say thank you and an inexpensive way to give someone the star treatment, and make them fell like a celebrity. For example, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, but some area teachers were surprised to find out just how appreciated they really were.

Brenda McKinley, who has been at Jack and Jill's Learning Centre for more than eight years, said she was expecting her boss, Jennifer Schuler of Jack and Jill Learning Centre, to pick her up for the wrap-up of Teacher Appreciation Week on Saturday. Instead, a white limousine pulled up. McKinley said she was shocked!

Jack and Jill owner Carolyn Downs said she and her daughter, Schuler, came up with the idea as a unique way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Jennifer and I worked on this together, Downs said. We had one parent donate the biggest part of the money. Our parents are awesome.

Camille Allen, another award winner, has been at the centre for more than 13 years. She won Best leading actress, an award for behind the scenes, and the lifetime achievement award. Allen said the best part was the limousine ride to the party. The ride was absolutely amazing,she said. We have had some fun teacher weeks, but we really felt like stars.Allen said the support her bosses and the parents show is the best part of her job. They made us feel like celebrities, she said. So we have to figure a way to do it for them.

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