Special Project

Normally when you find your roof is leaking, the last thing on your mind is a luxury limo ride and a weekend away. Hope Builders is a not for profit organisation which realises just that and so they seek out people in the local community who need a hand and a bit of a treat.

Hope Builders look for single mothers, widows and the elderly who are down on their luck and need, not only help with getting their lives back on track, but also deserve a special treat. The project for a Northeast Wisconsin family, a single mother Kris and her two kids, was the first major project for Hopes Builders and started when Kris daughter Kayla was picked up from school in a stretch Hummer limo.

The Hummer limo then made its way to her younger brother Derek's school where his classmates cheered him on as he and his sister rode away. The Hummer then picked up their mother at work and the little family were taken to the Radisson Hotel for a weekend away together.

The Hummer limo ride was just the beginning of a special weekend full of distractions to get the family out of the house while their roof was fixed. A member of Hope Builders happened to meet single mother Kris when she was working her second job at a sports bar and he overheard her roofing issues and about the problems at her house.

The weekend away includes meals, accommodation and even a trip to the Milwaukee Brewers game for the young family to enjoy some time together without having to worry about the costs. Working two jobs and still not being able to make ends meet all the time puts all sorts of pressure on a family and a short weekend away can give them a new outlook on life. Not to mention coming home to a complete repaired home.

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