Limo Hire for Special Needs Family

Toronto's tourism industry is about to launch a new program which will give weekend getaways to parents of children with special needs. The idea is to give parents a chance to recharge from the difficult strain of raising a child with complex needs; tourism businesses are providing Toronto getaway weekends to two families each week while the child is cared for in residential respite care.

Every weekend two local families of children with special needs will have a chance to relax and indulge at some of Toronto's top hotels, theatre shows, sports events, attractions and restaurants on three-day getaways provided by Toronto's tourism industry. The first recipient family will take its child to Safehaven and be picked up in a luxury limousine to enjoy a weekend of relaxation in downtown Toronto.

Caring for young people with special needs is challenging and takes a lot of energy, time, and patience," said Children and Youth Services Minister, Deb Matthews. "Providing rest and relief for parents and families is an important part of helping children and youth with special needs succeed and be the best they can be."

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