Ride in the Limos of the Wealthy..

To grab a ride in the newest Mercedes-Benz Pullman limousine you will have to wait a little longer as the luxury car manufacturer has just announced its arrival and are now planning a grand debut for their newest limo.

In late 2008 a new, armoured Pullman limousine will hit the streets and has been designed to pass the world’s strictest passenger protection standards. Following these strict standards, the newest Mercedes-Benz limousines are not planned for mass distribution, but will be used mainly to transport important dignitaries, government and the very wealthy.

The new Pullman limousine is said to be able to withstand military standard small-arms projectiles, automatic firearms and grenades. However, the passengers of the Pullman limousine are not hampered by their top of the line protection and the new Mercedes-Benz will look much like any other Mercedes limousine as the protection is integrated in the initial design and built right into the limo’s frame and body.

In addition to the armoured plating the Pullman limousine also has runflat tires, a fire extinguisher, air purifier in case of chemical attacks, a self sealing fuel tank and a loud speaker system for communications with those outside your luxury fortress.

The extended wheelbase, armour and unique interior have necessitated the use of the most powerful and smoothest drivetrain. Also, since the new Mercedes-Benz limousine is not intended for mass production, passengers will have their choice of colour, interior styles and materials, and the addition of any other security or safety features they can think of.

While the newest Pullman limousine may be out of reach for the fleet of your local limo hire company, Hire Limos can find you an equally safe and stylish Mercedes-Benz limo to make you feel like a dignitary yourself.