Prom Education

Just as Prom was one of the most special days of your high school career, Prom night is an event many high school students look forward to, and for many limousine companies it's their busiest time of year.

These days parents can’t help but feel worried when they know their children are going out; when paying for a prom limo hire service, they’ have a right to expect safety and security. It’s good to know that their kids are not going to be driving to the prom and home that night. Parents expect that their kids are going to arrive at the prom safely and when they’re done with it, they’ll be chauffeured back home safe and unaffected by drugs or alcohol.

Sensing this parental concern about limousine safety, ‘American Limousine’ held its first ever Prom and Senior Ball Event to help teens and their parents prepare for the special night. It was also a chance to educate them on safety, the biggest concern being alcohol and drugs. From choosing a responsible limousine company to monitoring the safety of their kids, parents are encouraged to become involved with the whole process

The general manager of American Limousine stressed the fact that they try to store all the kids’ personal belongings in the trunk, or in the storage facilities of their vehicles. They are not allowed to go back to the car unattended, in case they may be hiding alcohol or paraphernalia in their personal belongings.

The old adage you get what you pay for is true when hiring a limo. Saving a few dollars doesn’t add up to much if the limo is late, is ten years older than expected and the driver unprofessional. As part of the Prom preparation inspect the limo that you intend on hiring and ask for a written contract.

A professional limo hire company will have a ‘no alcohol or drugs policy’ for their Prom passengers. Ask if the limo remains at the prom in case of an emergency; do the Chauffeurs have mobile phones? The chauffers should not change any destination without the permission of the parents.

A little preparation in hiring a limo from a reputable firm like HireLimos will ensure that the Prom night will be a safe and enjoyable experience – for everyone!