Limo Hire for Military Soldiers

Fighting for one’s country was once deemed an honour while dying for it, the ultimate sacrifice. Unfortunately these days veterans struggle to get the recognition that their efforts deserve, so it nice to know that there are people out there who are trying to do something about it like the ‘Operation Injured Soldiers Foundation.’

The Detroit Tigers' season was all but over a couple months ago, but to a group of fans from the Foundation who attended the 9-7 loss to the Cleveland Indians on Aug. 27, none of that mattered. They were there to smile; there to say thank you to volunteers; and there to forget about life's struggles - for at least a couple hours.

The non-profit group organizes trips, like the limo ride to the Tigers game, for wounded soldiers; giving them a place where they can ‘vent’ to other soldiers and enjoy opportunities they might not otherwise be able to do.

South Lyon resident and Board of Directors member Pam Haggerty organized the Tigers game for the four soldiers and organization volunteers, getting 40 tickets from the Tigers for free. She also had a limousine bus donated by Entertainment Express Limousine to take everyone from South Lyon to Detroit and back.

She said the best part of the trip was listening to the men who went to the game open up and tell their stories. "That is what it is all about ... getting them to talk," she said. "That is what we do it for — to see the joy in those guys and let them tell their stories." The trip was also the first time the volunteers made a trip with the soldiers.

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