Long Wheelbase Lamborghini

After a series of tantalizing publicity shots, the Lamborghini Estoque four door super saloon has finally been unveiled at this year’s Paris Motor Show. Officially it is a mid-engined sedan with four doors and four individual sports seats; this long wheelbase Lamborghini is a designated sports car and a relaxed Gran Turismo all in one. It is an "everyday sports car" designed for today’s challenging lifestyles.

Although it is 5.15 meters long, the Lamborghini super saloon is only 1.35 metres high. Therefore it has that unmistakeable sports car appearance; long, wide and very low. But, with a wheelbase of three metres it still has plenty of interior space for up to four passengers. And, as for styling, while unmistakably Italian, it is also definitely all Lamborghini, with its v-shaped noise and sharply cut side vents.

The Estoque at the Paris Motor Show featured Lamborghini's reworked 556bhp, 5.2-litre V10. However, the car can also be fitted with the Murcielago's V12, a V8, or even, as it has been suggested, a new hybrid power train. Although currently there is no news of whether there will be a hybrid Lamborghini in the not too distant future.

While there are now a number of stretched performance super saloons, to choose from when hiring a limo, this is the first ‘factory stretched’ long wheelbase super car that is destined to come to the market. This may be a plus for those who might be a little perturbed by the idea of a third party carrying out the necessary modifications; modifications on a very expensive and very fast car!

So, for those for whom money is not an issue and image is everything, the chance to impress and turn heads is just around the corner, pending the release of the new Lamborghini Estoque. The new roomy long wheelbase Lamborghini saloon offers an interesting choice for those seeking something different in the luxury chauffeur driven market.

As for going green, well whether we see a hybrid Lamborghini will depend upon parent company VW’s willingness to embrace the environmental ethos and no doubt the price of oil.