Limousines of Royalty

The Matka business in Mumbai is currently run by small-time bookies, but there have been instances of criminal involvement. Locals say that the game has lost its previous widespread appeal because the business has now been taken over by criminals.

Officers of the Crime Branch arrested Hitesh Bhagat, the son of ‘matka king’ Suresh Bhagat and Jaya Bhagat, in Goa where he had gone into hiding after the police started looking for him for his possible involvement in the murder of his late father.

According to the Crime Branch, Hitesh Bhagat was also involved in the conspiracy in which Suresh’s former wife Jaya had conspired with Suhas Roge, an Arun Gawli aide, to eliminate Suresh and take over the multi-crore ‘matka’ business.

The crime branch, which is investigating the murder, recovered one of the luxury cars, a silver limousine, belonging to Hitesh. The police said the royal limousine was purchased by the latter using money procured from the matka business.

It is somewhat unfortunate that things, that ordinary people aspire to, also attract the criminals of society. limousines are often associated with money and power. Regrettably their luxury and expense can also attract the wrong sort of people.

Money laundering, the practice of engaging in financial transactions in order to conceal the identity, source, and or destination of money is one of the main activities of criminals. Buying expensive assets like property and cars, like limousines, is one way of trying to conceal ill gotten gains.

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