Limousine Safety

The laws of physics dictate that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. However, there is probably one aspect of road safety that Toyota did not reckon with when it designed its environmentally friendly Prius. If you're confused or feeling lost, then you haven't had the near-death Prius experience yet! That is, the one where you go to cross the road and very nearly get mown down by a silent car running solely on electric power.

The Prius is so silent and becoming so prevalent that the danger of being mowed down by a stealth like vehicle is forcing inventors to look at ways to make pedestrians more aware of the imminent danger posed by a silent running electric car. A device aimed improving pedestrian safety is the Vibering.

The Vibering is actually a neat little safety gadget from a trio of Korean inventors. Designed to protect deaf pedestrians from cars - or able-eared pedestrians from evil silent cars - the Vibering comprises a vibrating wristwatch and a pair of rings, one worn on each hand. The device is tuned to listen for a variety of car sounds including engine, horn and tyre noise, and alerts the wearer with a series of vibrations and messages.

With its Hybrid-Drive technology, the Toyota Prius set motoring benchmarks. Featuring exceptional fuel economy of just 4.4 litres per 100km(diesel) and with 57kW of power and115Nm of torque, there's no compromise on performance and driveability.

Environmentally friendly cars, whether they are hybrids, have diesel engines, are smaller, lighter or built with more environmentally friendly technology, are the way of the future. With more and more car manufacturers producing these environmentally friendly cars, there is more choice for passengers.

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