Limousine Rock Throwing Attack

Hiring a limousine is the ultimate way to travel. You canít hep but be noticed in a limo. Unfortunately, limousines can also attract the wrong kind of attention.

A teenager and three juveniles reportedly damaged a Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino limousine by throwing rocks at the vehicle. As a result of their rock throwing, the windshield of the limousine was smashed and a 19-year-old resident of Tinian has been charged with criminal mischief, conspiracy to commit criminal mischief and assault with a dangerous weapon..

Investigation showed that around midnight of July 15, an employee of the Tinian Dynasty was returning the hotel's limousine after delivering customers to the Tinian West Airport. The employee stated that as he passed the jungle near Star Plaza, he heard a loud thump on the vehicle's passenger side.

As the employee slowed down to investigate, he noticed a large rock flying toward the limousine's windshield. The rock shattered the windshield, sending pieces of glass into the driver's face. When the employee got out of the car, he saw three persons running across the road; he proceeded to the nearby JJDM Mini Mart where he called police.

The last thing you expect when you hire a limo is for it to be attacked! However, it never hurts to play it safe and make sure that your contract covers you for things like accidents and even unprovoked attacks during your trip. Investigating every contract from every operator can be a very time consuming exercise. Need help from someone in the know? Contact HireLimos.

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