Limo Hire Scandals Following Barack Obama

Limousine rides can be a lot of fun, whether you’re alone and savouring the silence and comfort on the way home from the airport, whether you are sharing the ride with a special someone on the way to a special dinner date, or whether you are enjoying your first – but hopefully not last – limo ride on your prom night.

However, limousines can also attract unwanted and negative attention, for all sorts of reasons. Possibly jealousy has something to do with the rumours which can start flying about limousine passengers, or it could just be that what people imagine is happening is always much more interesting and sensational than what is really going on, but with the blacked out windows and discreet chauffeurs, people’s imaginations can run away with them.

Like, for example, the limousine scandal which surrounded Barack Obama, when a Minnesota man, Larry Sinclair, made allegations that Obama had done drugs and had sex with him in the back of a limousine. In trying to prove his allegations, it was found that the limousine company had ceased business and the chauffeur could not be found. Sinclair even failed a polygraph test but would not let America or the media forget about his version of events during his limousine ride with the Presidential candidate.

Of course whenever there is a scandal involving anyone in the public eye, especially one which also involves sex, drugs and money, the media can’t help but be involved and Obama’s accuser was even able to hold a press conference during his time in the spotlight.

However, with no evidence and people losing interest as no new information was found and bigger stories came up, limousines are now back to being less scandalous, but still very popular.

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