Limo Hire Industry Will Spring Back

To say that the US financial system is a little unstable at the moment, is an under statement. Yet, despite the shaky US economy local limo hire company operators decided to hold a networking conference, with the aim being to look at ways of expanding their respective businesses.

Despite their optimism several people attending the event said that possibility of layoffs in the industry was a real worry. In fact, about a dozen or so operators claimed that they had already been forced to make cuts and had to retrench staff. Connecticut Limousine owner Andy Anastasio said he to lay off staff across the whole of his operation, from drivers to office assistants; citing the lack of limo travel as the main cause. With people travelling less as a result of the economy, there is also less demand for things like airport transfers, hence less demand for limousines.

Although times are tough, Anastasio said it wasnít as bad as it was after 9/11. Then it wasnít only limo travel that was affected the whole travel industry was affected because people were too scared to travel. Although there are the traditional slow limo seasons, with summer usually the busy season, Anastasio said that business had really dropped off since the onset of the colder weather during the autumn period. Ultimately it is a limo hire companyís ability to adapt to a changing environment that will determine how successful it will be.

The limo hire industry is not the only business that has seasonal trends. Many businesses are affected by things like the weather and plan their resources accordingly. In fact seasonality profiles, used to forecast product demand or sales, are quite common in industry. In the limo hire business, like all businesses, it is the ones that can adapt to changing requirements, the ones that can withstand a slowdown in the economy, the ones that can ramp up and down without incurring unsustainable costs, they are the ones that are going to survive and prosper.

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