The Stigma of Limo Hire Image

limousines tend to have a stigma attached to them and it is one which can be good and bad for their ire rates. Limousines are seen as decadent, expensive and luxurious, and this is often the reason may people hire a limousine for a special night out with their partner, or school students insist that their prom transport is a limousine.

However, this same image can be detrimental to limousine hire in that people assume that a limousine is too expensive for them to enjoy very often and that it would be frivolous of them to hire one if it wasn’t for a special occasion.

However, people are more than willing to pay for other frivolous expenses which are often of much less value than you can get with a limousine ride. Dry cleaning for example is often seen as a convenience but you have to go all the way down to the dry cleaners, wait three days and then go all the way back to pick up your clothes, at the same time worrying that they’ll just get dirty again when a surprise lolly left behind by the kids slips under that flimsy plastic.

And what about those people with a maid – how many of these people say that they clean up themselves before the maid even arrives?! Surely paying someone to clean what you’ve just cleaned is a bit of frivolous spending?

All the while limousine hire is on the sidelines as a convenience which is viewed as more expensive and more frivolous than those which we pay for everyday without a second thought. However, when you hire a limousine, everything is done for you, so even if you hire a limousine for a day of retail therapy, there is no need to meet your limousine at the mall, your chauffeur will look after everything. Or when you hire a limousine for a family day out, there is no need for you to plan your route to the amusement park as your chauffeur will do that for you.

So the next time you dismiss everyday limousine hire as too much of an extravagance, remember that a limousine ride is brilliant value and is unlikely to cost more than your weekly maid’s service. To check on the prices of limousine hire in your area, contact HireLimos now.