Luxury Vehicle Hire in Basginstoke

When you think of the limousines you usually see in Basingstoke, you imagine the oversized and excessively opulent stretched limousines, which are modelled on the transport of the stars. However, not all of the stars are so over the top in their declaration of their success, and nor does the limousine you hire in Basingstoke have to be the size of a bus.

Instead there are plenty of smaller, standard sized limousines available for hire in Basingstoke which are just as luxurious and comfortable as their oversized counterparts, but are perfect for other special occasions. For example, while the stars may arrive at their awards shows and movie premieres in super stretched limousines, their regular transport is much more understated, but no less glamorous.

Therefore, in the same vein you may decide to hire a standard luxury limousine for a day of indulgences at the salon, or for a visit to your favourite shopping mall or boutique strip. In this instance your standard sized limousine delivers you to your destination with the punctuality and ease which comes with chauffeur driven service, and really makes people wonder who you are understated and glamorous, must be a true style goddess.

Hiring a smaller limousine in Basingstoke can also create a more romantic atmosphere when you are sharing the ride with a loved one. Therefore, you may choose to hire a standard limousine as part of your wedding day convoy for a private, relaxing and intimate ride for two. Similarly you may choose to hire a smaller limousine for a special dinner date with your special someone; you may be celebrating an anniversary, a birthday or planning to propose, but with a luxurious and romantic limousine on hand the night is sure to run to plan.

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