Limousine Chauffeur To Blame

Will Princess Diana finally be allowed to rest in peace? It has been more than ten years since Diana the Princess of Wales was tragically killed in a limousine accident the result high speed pursuit in Paris. The city long renowned for its romantic overtures took on a sombre mood in August 2007, as the world mourned the death of the most photographed woman. And, Diana is still making news.

An inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and her lover Dodi al-Fayed, has ruled that they were unlawfully killed by the grossly negligent driving of their chauffeur and paparazzi photographers pursuing them into a Paris road tunnel. The jury, which had spent almost six months listening to more than 250 witnesses from around the world, reached their decision, on Monday Apr 7 2008, after deliberating for four days in a case that had sparked worldwide media interest.

On the evening they died, Diana and Dodi fled from the back entrance of the Ritz Hotel in Paris in a futile effort to avoid swarms of paparazzi photographers. They fled the hotel in a Mercedes, which was driven by Henri Paul, who was also killed in the crash. At time he was an employee of the Ritz Hotel, owned by al-Fayed. Henri Paul was in charge of security and not an experienced chauffer. The paparazzi pursued the couple on high-powered motorbikes into the Alma tunnel and took pictures of the dying princess in the wrecked Mercedes after it smashed into pillar 13.

Also killed in the limousine crash was Diana’s lover Dodi Al-Fayed. Dodi's father, luxury store owner Mohamed al-Fayed, had accused Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip, Diana's former father-in-law, of ordering British security services to kill her and stop her marrying a Muslim and having his baby. Although, he did not agree with the jury’s verdict, Diana's two sons, Princes William and Harry accepted the findings.

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