Last Minute Limo Hire

A shortage of luxury cars and limousines may be hard to imagine when it seems like every second vehicle you see on the street seems to be stretched, gleaming, booming and celebrating its way through town. However, this is the exact problem which is facing Denver as it approaches the dates for the Democratic National Convention this year.

The lack of limousines is apparent already and the event is yet to commence, however, a local limo hire company operator is already feeling the pressure of having more demand than he can supply for. In the Denver area, there are 271 limousine hire companies registered, however, most of those limo hire companies only have a fleet of between one and three limousines each, and when these companies are expected to increase their runs from 80 to 125 a day, the pressure will be on.

Perhaps the problem is also that many of the limousines in the Denver fleets are not appropriate for political visitors? Those people making their way to Denver and looking for comfortable reliable transport during the democratic convention are probably also looking for an understated and classy limousine, rather than an oversized party bus complete with dance floor and strobe lights.

Another issue contributing to the limousine shortage in Denver is the fact that many of the limousines are being hired for 12, to 24 hours each day meaning there is no chance of using the same limousine for more than one person each day. While this may sound like a waste of hire time, having your limousine working for you and only you during an important event does put your mind at ease and means that no matter what your plans are or how they change throughout the day, you can always rely on your limousine and chauffeur.

So while Denver is struggling through this limousine shortage, you don�t have to worry about the crisis reaching our shores because at HireLimos, we source our limousines from all over the UK and Europe so regardless of how long you need to hire for, or how little notice you are able to give us about your hire requirements, we can find you a reliable and relaxing limousine ride for your event.