New Limos at Drive 08..

Drive ’08 will see the release of a new Jaguar XF for chauffeurs to get a look and feel of the newest limousine and give feedback on the new production vehicle. While the Jaguar XF limousine is available to be ordered now, chauffeurs and limo hire companies will be able to give the new Jag a thorough going over and offer important opinions from those in the industry most disposed to look at the true quality of the limo.

With the option of petrol or diesel, 2.7 or 4.2 litre engine, a V8 or even a supercharged engine, the new Jaguar limousine will set the admiring chauffeurs and limo hire companies back anywhere from £33,900 to £44,500. The sophisticated six speed automatic transmission is made even smoother by the all new Jaguar Drive Selector, which is an industry first rotary shift interface, and there are even steering wheel mounted controls for one touch manual shifts.

The UK Managing Director is expecting the XF limousine to be very popular with the local drivers. The MD, Geoff Cousins explains that the Jaguar limousine “combines the emotional appeal of a contemporary, modern Jaguar with all the rational appeal of a spacious five-seater sports saloon with high levels of standard equipment, innovative functional features and competitive pricing. The other excellent news for customers is of course the residual values that experts are quoting for XF.”

After 36 months or 36,000 miles, the 2.7 litre diesel model is expected to have a residual value of 50% of the original value which makes it a luxurious option for limousine hire company fleets now, and means they don’t have to upgrade right away, and when they do decide to, they won't lose such a large percentage of their outlay.

If you are interested in securing a ride in one of the new Jaguar limousines before everyone discovers the style and luxury when it is officially launched at Drive ’08 in April, contact Hire Limos now.