Importance of Protective Limousine

Are you a powerful dictator of a nation in turmoil? Do you have more enemies than fans or maybe you’re just paranoid about drive by shootings? Well the latest VIP armoured limousine from Mercedes, offering effective protection from terrorists, might be just what you need. And, if you find the noise of the activities of some extreme fundamentalist groups intrusive, you can always turn up the volume on the 19-inch flat-screen on board television.

While these days on board TVs and DVDs are not restricted to VIP bullet proof limousines, it is interesting to note how advances in one area of technology lead to it being adapted to another. For example, advances n electronics and communications mean that some limos are not only equipped with the once elitist symbol of status like the limo fridge but are full entertainment features and are, in some cases, a virtual office on wheels.

According to Mercedes its latest armoured limousine, unveiled at this year’s Paris Motor Show, has been built to provide it occupants with protection from terrorist attacks. It is equipped with armour that can resist small arms fire and provide protection from explosive devices like hand grenades. In the VIP limousine the armoured panels are fully integrated into the body shell during the production process. Mercedes also reinforce the limos roof frame struts, door locks, door gaps, and exterior mirror mountings. The limousine is also fitted with thick bullet-proof glass.

However, making the VIP limousine as tough as a tank predictably results in a very heavy vehicle. Mercedes compensates for this extra weight with an up-rated suspension and top-of-the-line 5.5-liter bi-turbo V-12 engine, outputting 517 hp with an impressive 612 pound-feet of torque. According to Mercedes with run-flat tyres, a self sealing fuel tank, the car’s enormous power means that you should be able to get out of most situations safely.

As for on board accessories, beside the usual limo entertainment features, there some ‘extras’ that you are not likely to find in your normal hire limousine. The VIP limousine rear seats have a massage function and "a high-performance refrigerator" as standard; because if there is one thing worse than being wounded, it is having to drink warm champagne! And for those who demand privacy, there are electric roller blinds on the rear windows.

Sadly, the way society is heading at the moment, the Mercedes VIP limousine may become the standard hire limo. For more information about hiring a safe limo, contact HireLimos.