Advice on How to Get the Limo Extras You're Dreaming About..

Obviously you are hiring a limo for a special event or just to spoil yourself and make you feel special. There are many different occasions where a limousine may be hired, from a wedding to a birthday and each different occasion has to be treated as very special and unique. The great thing about hiring a limo that not everyone knows about is the little extras that get put into place to make your event even more special for you.

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Itís a joy to know that you are going to have such a polite chauffer who will treat you like royalty but to find out that you can also ask for your chauffer to dress for the occasion. For a wedding you could ask for your chauffer to be in a top hat you may be having your stag night in a Hummer limo, wanting your chauffer to be wearing commando dress, and even your henís night fire engine limo could be made even better by your chauffer dressing as your own fireman. This could add that little bit extra to your special occasion.

Knowing now that you want the most of your experience because the extra little things are what it is all about, and are what make your special limo ride different from any other. You can have your limo decorated to suit your day wether that is wedding decorations or balloons and streamers for a birthday. When hiring your limo ask if you will have access to the use of a stereo. In doing so this will add your personal touches to the limo ride. It is a wonderful idea for a wedding proposal, birthday or even anniversary.

Now that your have decided to decorate the limo and add your own personal touch why not end it all in style feeling like a Hollywood star while the red carpet is rolled out from the limo to your destination. This is a fantastic way to conclude such a wonderful experience.

Have all of these little extras so everyone knows itís your special day and they make it different from any other limo hire.

To enjoy all the extras when you hire a limo for a special event, contact HireLimos now.