Geneva International Motor Show..

The 78th International Motor Show will be held from the 6th to 16th of March. Over 130 worldwide and European premieres have been announced, coming from every sector of the industry. The trend towards new technologies and alternative fuels is continuing. Visitors will discover three new manufacturers and many attractions both inside and outside the halls of GENEVA PALEXPO.

This motor show makes way for many new release vehicles. This year the luxury car industry has a special focus on environmentally friendly cars – important technology for the limo industry. People are becoming more aware of global warming and its effect on climate change. They are also more discerning; it is nice to know that the newest - hire -limos coming of the production line are more fuel efficient and are producing less greenhouse gas emissions.

Three manufacturers will be present for the first time in Geneva, two of them with “green” cars. These are the Chinese brand BYD, which will be unveiling a hybrid vehicle, and the Norwegian manufacturer Think Global, which is launching an electrically-powered city car. The Japanese luxury brand Infiniti will also be exhibiting in Geneva for the first time.

General Motors will have on show the new Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, The Escalade Hybrid is the world’s first fuel-saving 2-Mode hybrid applied to a large luxury SUV. By delivering more than a 50-percent improvement in fuel economy in city driving, the Escalade Hybrid enables consumers to use less fossil fuel and reduce vehicle emissions while still reaping the benefits of a full-size luxury SUV.

Mercedes-Benz is showing new products in eight model series at this year's Geneva Motor Show. One, the Vision GLK ‘Bluetec Hybrid’ diesel-hybrid study version of the forthcoming Mercedes SUV achieves fuel consumption of 47.8 mpg, and features Mercedes’ Bluetec exhaust treatment process to make it compliant with Euro 6 and U.S. clean air emissions limits. New Blue efficiency C-Class saloons, coupe and roadster models consume up to 12% less fuel than their predecessors.

Even Porsche will be using the Geneva Motor Show Salon to reinforce, with its new Boxster RS 60 Spyder, the 911 Turbo Cabriolet and the 911 GT2 Porsche’s decades-long experience in constructing light, efficient and therefore also fuel-efficient automobiles.

Close to 1,000 brands from some thirty countries will be presented by around 260 exhibitors. So, if you’re interested in environmentally friendly limousines, whether they are natural gas powered vehicles, electric hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells or bio-fuels you’re sure to find something at the Geneva Motor Show.