Ferrari Limo Rental

Organising the rental of a Ferrari limo is unlike hiring any other type of luxury car, anywhere in the world. For a start, there is no other limousine in the world available, like the Ferrari limousine which is new to the HireLimos fleet.

Our Ferrari limousine is the fastest limousine in the world, and the longest Ferrari in the world, not to mention it has recently been converted to the signature Ferrari colour of red, to make it even more instantly recognisable. And of course the Ferrari limousine has all of the extras and luxuries which you would expect from a stretch limo.

With the sound systems at your disposal, the comfort and indulgence of the leather seating beckoning to you and a bottle of champagne cooling and ready for the ride too, Ferrari limo rental is much more than just a thrill ride. Plus, what makes the red Ferrari limo truly unique among luxury rental vehicles in the UK, is the fact that it is just as perfect for a child's birthday celebration as it is for an adult's, the Ferrari limousine would look just as comfortable as part of a wedding party as it would transporting students to their prom and can move seamlessly from catering a hen's night, to a stag night.

However, this versatility in no way diminishes the style and exclusivity which comes with Ferrari limo rental in the UK. Here are HireLimos we are lucky enough to be able to bring you the ride of your life, no matter who you are or where you're going, but we also make sure that while our Ferrari looks the part in so many different roles, it is always part of a fully personalised hire package, created just for you and tailored specifically to your event.

So for more information about Ferrari limo rental in your area, or to find out how you can include the red Ferrari stretch limo into your next special occasion or event, contact HireLimos now.