Controlled Graduation Parties at

The Victoria Police Department initiative, ‘Project Landscape’ weeded out its share of troublemakers on Victoria streets for a second weekend, and even stopped a domestic assault. They plan putting extra officers on duty for selected weekends until the end of the summer; the aim being to cut down on the number of drunken fights and other disturbances by adding extra police patrols at key times.

A major incident dealt with by the Project Landscape team on Saturday involved a group of intoxicated young people at Moxie's Classic Grill celebrating their graduation from Cowichan Senior Secondary. An 18-year-old male in the group was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place; he was also found to be in possession of a large amount of the drug ecstasy.

Apparently the group had also hired a limousine which contained a considerable quantity of liquor. Police will be pursuing the matters with the limousine company, and are considering charges against the driver for having open liquor in a motor vehicle under the Liquor Control Licensing Act, and permitting a minor to consume liquor.

Unfortunately not all limo hire companies are as responsible as they should be and neither are their drivers, it seems. Responsible firms have a no drugs policy and zero tolerance when it comes to underage drinking. A limousine liquor license does not apply to minors. In fact, under-age drinking is not allowed anywhere in or outside the limo and if a minor is caught taking alcohol or drugs into the limo, then the company has all the rights to refuse their services without any refunding.

Alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation. Drinking to excess can lead to aggressive behaviour and nobody wants to clean up after a sick drunk. So, when it comes to adults, a responsible chauffeur should curb drinking in a limo – the same way a bartender will stop serving – if he or she suspects that a person has consumed too much alcohol. That way you can be sure your friends, family, children will be safe. For a responsible limo hire company and a chauffer you can count on, contact Hire Limos.