Discreet Limo Hire

Normally when youíre riding in a limo, you donít mind people knowing that it is you cruising the streets in a stylish ride, nor do you get defensive when people notice that you are in a limousine and you are questioned about your luxury limo.

However, I suppose it would be a different story if you had something to hide which was probably the case when a North Randall police officer got out of the limousine she was riding in and started to verbally abuse the officer who had pulled over her limousine in the first place. The limousine was pulled over because the local police officers noticed that the limousine chauffeur was driving erratically and they asked him to pull over to simply see what was going on.

However, as soon as the limousine was pulled over the police officer riding in the limousine, Dawn Hodge, got out of the limousine and confronted the officer who had pulled over her limousine. Hodge then flashed her badge but refused to name the department she worked in on the force. She then became more belligerent and it took the force of several officers on the scene to subdue her.

Charges have been filed against Hodge for disorderly conduct and obstructing justice but her limousine chauffeur is yet to face any disciplinary action for the erratic driving which first lead to the incident.

What happens in a limousine often feels like it is cut off from the real world simply because of the glass divider and the tinted windows, and to some extent that is true. If youíre a single mum who wants to hide a date from her kids a limousine can give you that privacy, or if you need transport home from the hospital after cosmetic surgery a limousine can offer you that discretion.

However, the people who truly have something to hide and drag a limousine chauffeur or a limo hire company into their secrets are misusing the privacy and seclusion of the ride, and taking advantage of the discretion chauffeurs typically show all passengers.

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