Day Spa limo hire Surprise

Being an Army wife is a tough job, your husband is away, fighting to protect his country, and you are left to raise the kids, keep up the home and hold down your own job. Anna Packard from Plymouth knows all about the stresses of being married to a man who is in the Army as her husband Jerome has been away on and off for six years and has missed the birth of both of his children, his son's first tee-ball game and even proposed to his wife over the phone.

However, for her birthday this year, Jerome wanted to do something extra special for his long suffering wife and organised the perfect, relaxing day, from all the way over in Iraq. While they couldn't be together on her birthday, Jerome had told her to take the day off work and just be ready at 10.30 am. Not knowing what to expect, when a limousine pulled up in front of her house, Anna was ready for anything.

Waiting for her in the limousine was a long stemmed rose from Jerome and the limousine then took Anna to the spa where she spent the rest of the day being pampered and spoilt. In each room for each treatment, Anna found another surprise, in one room she was met with lilies, in another was tea and cakes, another held gift baskets and one room even welcomed her with a diamond necklace.

While her husband couldn't be with her on her birthday, he still wanted to spoil his wife and give her a relaxing day away from the stresses of her life, while making sure she knew how much he loved her. Enlisted until 2010, Jerome plans to see out his term and come home to finish his studies and capture new memories with his family to make up for the ones he has missed out on.

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