Cross Country Proms

In America or Britain itís called the prom. In Australia the more common term is school formal. Whatever you want to call it, ĎFormalsí season is here! The school formal is a much anticipated event; itís a bit of a rite of passage. The season causes so many feelings for parents. They struggle with their teens growing independence and sexuality. Parents shake their head in disbelief as they consider their aging teens. They remember how only yesterday they were changing nappies, peddling tricycles and then wobbling on two-wheelers.

Whether the school formal is considered a big deal depends on the person; different students have different ideas about the prom/school formal. Australian formals usually combine years 11 and 12 and often have a theme associated with the event. For example at one school this year the theme will be a masquerade party, while last year the theme was Casino Royale from the James Bond movie of the same name.

Boys are usually not so fussed about the event; some don't worry about what theyíre going to wear. Being a boy is a lot different from being a girl in that regard, they Ďjust play it by ear.í Girls, on the other hand, do see it as a big event. They want to look the best they can. Dress choice is very much about what the girls want. Usually girls will start shopping around with their friends, but end with their mums. While itís true that some people do stress about it a lot more than others and go all out with their dress, hair and make-up; everyone can look gorgeous on the night.

Disposable incomes also play a part in how students approach the formal. There are people who do the formal with little expense and there are people who can afford to spend more. Most students don't think it's necessary to go overboard as everyone can still look pretty good on the night. When it comes to hiring a limousine for the prom, costs also play a part. For example, more people are opting for the party bus because it works out to be more cost effective.

Hiring a limo for a formal event is more than an indulgence. If you're going to the school formal, limos have the space you need to make sure you look as good when you arrive as you did in that final check in the mirror at home. The extra service a limo chauffeur offers, like opening the door for passengers makes them feel like the rich and famous, and advice on how to get the best photos. For more advice about affordable limo hire for your formal, contact HireLimos.