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Executive customers fly business class, in the front of the plane, stay at top-quality hotels, and travel to and from meetings in the back of luxury corporate limousines. To perform to their best abilities executives need an environment that is conducive to their work.

The reason they fly business class is that the extra space makes them feel relaxed and they are able to prepare themselves for their business meetings. So, when they get off the plane, they hit the ground running! With wireless Internet, or Wi-Fi, becoming more commonplace in top hotels, the limo industry is looking to keep up. Customers are expecting a ‘seamless’ experience.

Luxury limousines are not only comfortable and spacious, but limo technology has progressed a long way since the days when an on board phone was the most exotic piece of communication technology on offer. These days, while corporate clients may not have the time or desire to use the video game console, they will appreciate the built in laptop console, while working in the limo.

Cadilac Escalade Limo Limo Interior Black Hummer Limo
Pink Hummer Limo Limo Interior Chysler Limo

Now, with a laptop or a workstation in a limo you effectively have a mobile office, albeit a luxurious one. You can send and receive emails; type a memo; run a spreadsheet; work on your presentation. You can even send and receive a fax. The future is here, today, in the back of your corporate hire limo!

Remember, besides being a mobile office, a chauffeur-driven limousine provides prompt and safe transportation to and from any location; ensuring you arrive at your meeting fresh and relaxed and ready to get on with business. And, at the end of a long day, when all your work is done you will appreciate some of the more traditional comforts of limousine travel - like a drink from the built in bar.

With advances in information and communication technology the world is not only getting smaller, it is also becoming more competitive. Therefore, to stay ahead you need to make use of the tools that are available. So, don’t worry about having to leave the office, you’re only as far away as the back seat of your corporate hired limo.

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