Coping with Prom Night Costs

With fuel costs having soared 40 percent in the past year, the quest to find an affordable limo to hire for a prom may become the title of the next Indiana Jones movie! Rising fuel costs are forcing limousine hire companies to charge customers more. While many customers don’t mind paying slightly more for an expansive stretch limousine, when they're already paying for a prom, some are opting to economise and are hiring limo buses instead.

Besides working out to be cheaper to hire, a prom limo bus has other benefits too; more room. A group of students, who had previously hired a stretched Hummer, claimed that although the car was big, it was expensive and because of the number of people, the car was packed; they were so close to each other that they couldn’t move. This year they decided to hire a limo bus and because of the extra room, people were getting up and dancing!

Jay Menaldino who has owned his limousine company, for ten years, says, "Customers who have used those in the past find that because of the room they have...also increasing the number of folks they have and sharing that expenditure is more appealing to the consumer over all." Menaldino said like other companies managing high fuel costs, he has added a surcharge. "We held back as long as we could," he said. "Nobody wants to raise prices to consumers...Eventually, it's going to affect how you do business on a day-to-day basis. Customers understand that we need to off-set costs to help us stay in business."

Sensible prom students who are trying to be being financially responsible know they can have a good time if they share the cost of hiring the ‘limo’. Therefore, the bigger the car, the more people they can fit into it, which translates into, the more people they have to share the cost. Group booking a limo bus and sharing the cost makes economic sense.

For an unbeatable deal contact HireLimos you may even qualify for a group discount. So, you will be able to enjoy your Prom night in style; whether in a stretch limousine or party bus, there's no better experience than driving around town in a luxury chauffeured vehicle.