Choosing a Limo Hire Company

The seemingly ever increasing price of oil and fuel has meant that it has been a bruiser of a summer, for small businesses that must use the roads every day. While gasoline prices may have moderated a bit lately, business owners are still smarting from the run-up in prices this year.

According to John Nicholson, owner of Company Flowers & Gifts Too, higher fuel costs increases the costs running their van to more than $12 per delivery, although so far he has kept delivery charges at $9.50. He is afraid that if he increases his price, it will make his product less affordable and discourage people from sending flowers.

As the economic outcome remains uncertain, small-business owners are searching for innovative ways to reduce expenses and increase sales. Plumbers, contractors, data couriers, florists, limousine companies and other small and midsize businesses that rely on driving are adapting to a volatile landscape in different ways to keep coast down. However, higher prices may be their only means of survival.

Rosenthal Plumbing adopted global positioning system technology this summer to track its fleet of service trucks so it can deploy them more efficiently and increase the number of jobs technicians can handle in a day. It will soon install mobile navigation devices in each truck so that employees can find the fastest routes and save fuel.

The high gas prices this year cemented a decision by Sam's Limousine and Transportation in Houston to head in a new direction. It decided to sell its last two limousines, which seat eight. Replacing them are other vehicles to transport passengers, including party buses, sport utility vehicles and Town Cars. The party buses seat 16 to 20 passengers and have, soft, black leather couch seating, a mirrored stargazer ceiling, opera lighting, laser lighting, strobe lighting, DVD screens and a custom stereo and sound system.

The reality is that limo hire companies are often small businesses too, and just as you pay more at the pump so do they. And, while some limo hire operators may be forced to reduce their level of service in order to keep their costs down, be careful. Donít just choose a Limo hire company which is cheaper and seemingly more affordable; chances are theyíre probably skimping somewhere else. Contact us and we can do all the research for you; contact HireLimos.