Be Whisked Away in a Limo

While Ben Cousins was whisked away in the middle of a drugs scandal over twelve months ago for a stay in an LA rehab clinic, it was not just headlines about the drugs he was allegedly addicted to, or the fact that the press couldn’t find him for several days while he was in the US, it was also the fact that it was a limousine which whisked him away that made the headlines too.

‘Limousine whisks Cousins to luxury rehab hideaway’ tells so much more of the story than the article under that headline ever could. Not only was this football superstar heading for rehab – no surprise there really since all the cool stars are doing it – but he was whisked away in a limousine. Being whisked implies Cousins was rushed, embarrassed by his need for rehab and in a hurry to get help for his drug problem.

However, in Australia a football star being rushed anywhere for any reason is not going to escape notice, and the fact he was being whisked away in a limousine, makes for an even more conspicuous exit from the country. So while a limousine ride to the airport to make the plane to Los Angles is a good transport choice for ease and comfort, it is not always the best choice for a low key escape.

Which everyone already knows because being whisked away in a limousine adds drama and intrigue to any situation and whether a footballer is trying to inflate his own importance or you and your partner want to be whisked away for a special evening out, a limousine is the perfect choice. Even if people can’t see into your limousine because of the dark tinted windows giving you and your fellow passengers a bit of privacy, alighting from a limousine at an airport or in front of your favourite restaurant is sure to turn heads, and if you happen to be famous, people are going to take more than a second look.

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