Prom Chauffeurs Background Checks

You wouldn’t get a convicted criminal to look after your kids, would you? Seems that’s exactly what happened! Parents of seniors at Haverhill High School had a right to be angry. Turns out that the chauffeur, who drove a group of their children to the prom, had a suspended license and is a convicted sex offender!

Ten students hired a limo from Ambassador Travel in Salisbury to go to their prom at the Atkinson, N.H., and Country Club. Even the local police were amazed about the fact that no one had done a check on the background of the chauffeur. "I would think the limousine company would look at their people a little bit harder," said Deputy Chief Donald Thompson, of the Haverhill Police Department.

The limo chauffer Troy Barrett, 29, drove the students to their prom, but when he returned to pick them up, something was off. The prom ended around 11:30 p.m., and when Barrett showed up ten minutes late, there were empty beer bottles and a cooler in the limousine. The students did not touch the alcohol and they immediately called their parents, who asked police to check it out.

According to police, Barrett’s excuse was that the limo had gone to a previous party and he hadn’t been able to get the limo cleaned out in time. Police found that Barrett was driving with a revoked license and is a convicted sex offender. Barrett was summoned to court for driving with a suspended license; he no longer works at Ambassador Travel.

When you hire a limo you are literally putting your safety in the hands of stranger! As the driver, your chauffer is responsible for passenger safety. But before you start worrying about your chauffer’s background, here are some facts. The modern day UK chauffeur has to posses a valid driving licence, hold a PCO licence; which means passing a medical examination and clear Police security checks. These are the minimum requirements for a chauffeur position. At HireLimos we go the extra mile to ensure that your chauffeur is polite, courteous and punctual, and above all is someone trustworthy.