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As a parent you want to make sure that your child is safe getting to and from school. For students who don’t live on the main land getting to and from school can be very difficult and time consuming having to fly to the airport and then having to organise your means of transport from there. For some students this has been made a lot easier and more convenient.

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In the past some of the students who attend EHOVE joint vocational school have worried as they have struggled with transport from the airport to school as they do not run school buses. In the past taxis have been used to transport students to and from school but this year limousine hire in the UK has been the cheaper and more of an economical option. With the limousine company meting all of the criteria and requirements as far as proper insurance and safety of the students they were chosen.

A lot of people may say that it is a very stylish way to be travelling to school and yes it is but it is also the most economical. One student in particular uses the facility of the limousine once he arrives on main land, and he says “Its still fun and hasn’t got old yet”. Since the limousines can transport many passengers, is also great as the students can all travel to school together. Not only do the students enjoy the ride but their class mates are pretty impressed when they arrive to school in style.

With this put in to place parents tend to feel a lot more at ease knowing that there is reliable transport waiting for their child at the other end of their flight every morning.

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