Dangers of Unqualified Chauffeurs..

limousines are usually vehicles of a good night out, a leisurely drive through the city or enjoying the country scenery, with a qualified and professional chauffeur behind the wheel to ensure your safety and that of the other road users.

However, in rural Tennessee a limousine ride was anything but relaxing and peaceful, when a 15 year old boy stole a limousine and used it to intentionally run down a policeman. The teenager drove the stolen limousine at two police officers who were stopped at the side of the road on their bikes, talking with other young people.

The officer the teenage limousine driver aimed at, Officer Architzel, was pushed out of the way by his partner, Officer Bobick. When he saw the limousine speeding towards his partner and himself, Officer Bobick saved his partner from serious injuries, but put himself in the path of the speeding Cadillac aimed at them.

As a result, Officer Bobick sustained multiple severe fractures to his face and has undergone several operations, but still has more oral and cosmetic surgeries to look forward to. In deciding to steal the Cadillac limousine and intentionally run down police officers, the teen has secured himself a stay in a school for troubled juveniles, as he also admitted during his trial that he had intended to kill Officer Architzel, even though he hardly knew the policeman.

Unfortunately this unqualified limousine driver has shown that limousines can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, much like any other vehicle. So even though limousines and Cadillacs have a classy stylish image of a sedate luxury drive, you need to make sure that they are driven by a professional limousine chauffeur.

Limousines are not like other cars and to make sure your limousine is driven by a chauffeur who knows the intricacies and the nuances of their limo and how to handle it in any situation to keep you and others safe, contact Hire Limos now.