Useful Questions..

If youíre not familiar with the joys of limo hire, here are a few questions you should remember to ask to ensure your limo ride really is full of joy.

How am I expected to finalise payment with my limousine company?
Some limousine companies will only accept cash on the night of your big event. Make sure that you ask when booking about how they would like the payment to be finalised as you donít want to be left to do all the running around at the last minute.

Am I getting the best price that the company can offer?
A lot of limousine companies will offer mid week discounts and if you book in advance they also may offer you other discounts or extras. You may find it easier if you get a group of friends together too, and share the occasion and the cost.

Will I receive a confirmation letter to confirm my booking?
You may find that some limousine companies will send you a confirmation email or letter. Make sure when booking your limousine you ask for one to be sent to you so you know all the details of the hire.

How can I be sure I have the right limo?
Make sure when you book your limousine that you find out the make and model, and that all of these details are confirmed in your contract. There are a lot of limousines around so make sure you are getting the one you want.

How do I get specific details on my limo so I know I have only booked for myself and my clients?
Double check your booking. Make sure that everything is how you want it to be if you are not happy speak up you would hate to think that you booked a limo for yourself and a whole mini bus of strangers show up.

What charges or fees will I incur if I cancel my booking?
Most limousine companies vary, some will charge you a flat rate for cancelling and some will charge you a percentage of your trip. It would be very wise to confirm all the details of your event before hiring your limousine, because if you are unsure and things change, you donít want unnecessary fees.

Do we have to meet in a particular venue?
These are the joys of booking a limousine. Your driver should pick you up from your choice of destination. So make the most of it and be picked up from where ever you need.

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