Prom Chauffeurs and Background Checks

Bad publicity can hurt a business and some politicians are quick to jump to gun and propose more laws to fix a problem. Unfortunately compliance with legislature is time consuming and expensive. Also, as with all laws, if they are not enforced then they are virtually useless.

It is obviously good business practice for limousine companies to check the background of their employees i.e. chauffeurs. — criminal and otherwise. Anybody who wants to stay in business shouldn’t hire people who are incompetent or who might be a danger to their customers.

But it is a bad idea for the state Legislatures to meddle in the hiring and employment screening practices of private companies. Proposed legislation, which would require limousine companies to check their drivers' criminal records, is an obvious response to the recent incident when a chauffeur driving teens to the Haverhill High School prom was found to be a registered sex offender and whose driver's license had been suspended. Politicians should only legislate to pass laws that are necessary. This one is not.

Although the afore mentioned incident could have put the students at risk, the best way to ensure situations like that don’t occur in future, is to let the market take care of them. For example, the fact that the limo hire company was held up to the light of public scrutiny for what happened will be more than enough to make its owners change their employee screening practices.

The driver, in question, was immediately fired, and company officials said their failure to check his background was an ‘oversight’ — one they are unlikely to repeat. It will also put other companies on notice of what could happen to them if they are not vigilant in their hiring. Indeed it will force limo hire companies that are concerned about their reputation and passenger safety to better mange their employee selection process.

The modern day UK chauffeur has to posses a valid driving licence, hold a PCO licence; which means passing a medical examination and clear Police security checks. These are the minimum requirements for a chauffeur position. At HireLimos we go the extra mile to ensure that your chauffeur is polite, courteous and punctual, and above all is someone trustworthy. You can rely on HireLimos to look after your safety and well being.