Power in Numbers

Transportation to the prom is as important these days as the choice of outfits. After a week or more of pre-prom preparations the last thing you should have to worry about is who is going to drive you and your date to the prom on prom night. Forget having to rely on parents or driving yourself. Arriving at the prom in a stretched hired limousine is all about style and creating the right impression.

Unfortunately, faced with high gas prices to fuel their vehicles many limousine companies are charging a ‘surcharge’ and with prom season in full swing and gas prices rising by the day, the question is, can the prom-going kids still afford to hire a limousine? Ironically, although the kids are going to pay a bit more they are likely to rent something bigger than they might have rented when gas prices were lower.

Why - because there’s power in numbers. The bigger the car, the more people they can fit into it and the more people they have to share the cost. In fact hiring a twenty seater SUV Cadillac Escalade works out cheaper per person than a standard eight-passenger limo.

Although the high price of fuel has caused many operators to introduce a fuel surcharge, they claim that prom season isn’t ‘hurting’, whatever the price of gas is, and that it’s business as usual. Prom season represents a highly specialized market and is one of the few windows of opportunity for operators to make money with these big cars. Because the price of a Prom hire vehicle is ‘fixed’ fuel prices don’t affect the prom business like they do point-to-point trips, the airports or other events.

So, hire a limo and travel in style on Prom night; whether in a stretch limousine or party bus, there's no better experience than driving around town in a luxury chauffeured vehicle. Many are also opting for the larger limos, as you don't have to crawl over people to move around and they hold anywhere from 12-24 passengers. Although they cost a little bit more than stretch limos, the kids reckon they’re well worth it.