Limousine Liquor Licensing..

limo hire companies provide a service to the public and therefore have a social responsibility to ensure that they obey the laws and regulations like any other corporate citizen.

Limo hire companies are not normally required by law to have a liquor licence as they do not technically sell the drinks passengers consume on their journey. That is, they are in included in the cost of hiring the limo and are complimentary or free of charge. If you have ever been charged for drinks by a limo hire company, there is a good chance that were doing so illegally!

Some limo companies do not provide alcohol, but donít mind if you provide your own. However, BYO is usually only permitted when there is a partition or divider between the driver and the passengers. So, if you are refused permission this may the reason why. However, you should be aware that most limo hire companies will have a surcharge if you spill your drinks or make a mess.

Underage drinking is illegal and should not be allowed or tolerated. If the limo is to be used by clients who are under the legally permissible drinking age, the limo should have an enforceable no alcohol policy. There should be no alcoholic beverages onboard the limo; the bar should be stocked with soft drinks only and the passengers should not be allowed to bring any of their own alcohol onboard. The driver has the right to confiscate any alcohol and hand it over to a responsible adult.

If you are planning an event where you intend to hire a limo and avail yourself of the Ďcomplimentaryí drinks on offer, there are a few things you should be aware of. Make sure that the drinks in the limo bar are fresh and unopened. You donít want to take a chance and consume a drink that may have been contaminated or even worse deliberately Ďspikedí.

Most limo hire companies donít mind if you have a few drinks and enjoy yourself, but remember to drink in moderation, that way you wonít spoil the outing.