Expensive St Pats Day Limos..

St Patrickís Day is a special celebration in the UK, in fact everyone around the world will tell you they have a little Irish blood in them for that one day of the year. However, while your St Patís Day celebrations may have gotten a little messy down at the pub earlier in the month, government ministers are still trying to clean up the mess they made on the big day.

It has been released that the government spent Ä560,000 on St Patrickís Day trips this year, in jetting around the world to represent Ireland, heading to the US, Italy, Singapore and Vietnam to name just a few destinations. This travel figure could even be higher as this doesnít include the costs of their private jets, but the figures cover the costs of limousines, taxis and car rentals.

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The information releases shows that one limousine hire company was charging the ministers $75 per hour, and one trip was for over 17 hours! While limousines are a great way to celebrate St Patrickís Day as there is no need for anyone to stop drinking and be the designated driver and everyone is guaranteed to get home safely, when spending the tax payers money to schmooze international delegations, a little restraint might be in order.

A 17 hour St Patrick's Day limousine bill might be considered excessive, seeing as the celebrations couldnít have possibly carried on that long and a limousine ride to and from a few hotels, meetings and parties would have totalled much fewer hire hours. Explaining the trips and the limousine hire expenses as opportunities to promote Ireland abroad may make sense, because Italy is Irelandís seventh largest merchandise trading partner and Irish exports to Italy are worth over Ä3.6 billion, creating over 13,000 jobs in the Irish economy.

However, during these expensive St Patrickís Day celebrations and the extensive limousine rides, no meetings were held with regards to investment opportunities and no advancements were made in this area.

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