SEAT Limousine

Once there were Rollers and Bentleys, and then came the Yanks with their Cadillac and Lincolns and the word limousine was redefined forever. These days it seems every car manufacturer is trying to muscle in on the luxury market. And it appears that SEAT just couldn’t wait, having revealed the Exeo before its official public release at the Paris Motor Show.

The Spanish car manufacturer is extending its model range, with the introduction this new sporty middle class limousine sector. SEAT President, Erich Schmitt, confirmed the fact that with the Exeo, SEAT is bringing to market a car for dynamic and sporty drivers of the B segment. He also said that the Exeo is an alternative for company car drivers who expect a quality, fuel efficient vehicle that offers driving fun at an affordable price coupled with low emissions.

At 4.60m long, this sporty limousine has an elegant design, is very agile and offers a high level comfort suitable for even a chauffeur driven limousine. The fuel efficient EXEO will be launched with three petrol-engines (from 75kW / 102 HP to 147 kW / 200 HP) and three common rail Diesel engines of latest generation (from 88 kW / 120 HP to 125 kW / 170 HP). To give the sporty limousine a bit more grunt, there will be a choice of turbo engines; according to SEAT this equates to better performance without compromising fuel consumption and emission levels.

The Exeo comes complete with the latest GPS, a multi-function new entertainment and information unit with connections for MP3, MPEG4, IPOD, USB, and Bluetooth. Also, as part of their innovative advancements there is a ventilation system powered by solar cells in the sun roof.

With the soaring price of oil and resultant high fuel costs, there is even now more reason for people and corporations to choose fuel efficient vehicles. These factors also affect the choice for vehicles to be used as limousines; the savings generated by their use ensures that hire rates are kept low. Promising the same quality assurance processes that made the ‘Ibiza’ a leader in its segment, with the new Exeo SEAT is offering the latest in technology in a quality built sporty limousine..

While SEAT may be guilty of the premature release of the new Exeo before the Paris Motor Show, this should in no way detract from the cars obvious appeal. SEAT is offering a fuel efficient, affordable limousine which is sure to catch on with those concerned about the environment. And, saving fuel means lower operating costs, this is sure to appeal to corporate customers as well so contact HireLimos now to become one of those customers.