Ways to feature your Limo in your Wedding Pictures

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Ways to feature your Limo in your Wedding Pictures

With transport being one of the most important and expensive parts of the wedding planning process, it is essential that you make the most of your time with your limousine. Over the years, we at Hire Limos have found brides and grooms eager to work the wedding limo into their photographs, ensuring that in years to come, the greatness of the limousine can be revisited through the wedding album.
Struggling with ideas as to how you will feature your limo in your wedding pictures? Allow our top tips to help.

Entering and exiting

Modern photography is very much focused on capturing brides and grooms ‘in the moment’. Wanting the wedding album to be filled with natural pictures that capture the day in all its beauty, photographers favour the entering and exiting of the limo, finding such moments to give way to great images. Symbolising entering a new life journey, some of our limos make for the perfect backdrop.


Whether it be during the journey to the church with the bride and her father, or the happy newlyweds toasting with a glass of fizz, the inside of the limousine welcomes some special moments of the big day. Having your photographer capture such moments is a great idea, allowing you to reflect on those small, intimate moments in months and even years to come.

In front of the bonnet

The front of the limousine is great for individual photos or for pictures of the couple, especially if the limo is parked on an angle. With the backdrop of the venue complimenting the picture, such a shot can create a full picture of the day, cementing those memories indefinitely.

Group photos beside the limousine

Due to the limo’s long nature, the car makes for a perfect prop for those group photos. Seeing family members and friends stand in front of the body of the car, using the car in this way adds depth to the image.

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