Gifts ideas for a new bride

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Gifts to offer your new bride

Tying the knot with someone you really love from the depths of your heart is such an exquisite experience that it will overwhelm you with joy. So you would certainly like to celebrate your wedding in a grand way. You want to invite all your nearest and dearest ones and organise a well-designed wedding theme. Why not add a fine layer of luxury to your wedding party by hiring wedding limos? Starting your most important journey with someone really special in a stately limo would etch some pleasant memories on your mind. You don’t hire wedding limo just for transportation. It is a complete experience. With a little creativity and lots of love, you can further charm up the limo experience by adding a personal character. One such thing that can instantly charm up your better half during her luxurious limo journey is to surprise her with a small, handcrafted gift basket, specially prepared by you, lying quietly in the Limo. Ensure that this gift basket should contain only the most unique gifts with a distinct personal appeal. Here are a few ideal gifts that you can add to this gift basket:

Bridal Wear Accessories

You can buy her small nice accessories that she can quickly add to her attire to bring that stunning effect to her overall appearance. You can also go for jewellery pieces like tops, earring or necklaces. Try to respect her personal choice while buying these accessories. You should most probably know the colour that attracts her the most or the design she is fond of. It shows how much you know and values her personal choices. Try to consider her personal preferences while buying accessories for her.

Family Heirloom souvenir

Every family has some clothes or accessories holding a special traditional value. You can present such relevant wedding accessories to your bride in order to show that she is now an inseparable member of your family. Your mother might have been treasuring the designer brooch that she donned on her wedding party or you may find her wedding crown that has been lying intact and almost untouched in the wardrobe since a few decades. Why not gift such heirloom memorabilia to your bride and overwhelm her with joy. Along with expressing your feeling for her, such nice gifts may also offer a vintage character to the brides wardrobe. Ensure that such accessories should be intact and still retain the sheen. Observe them carefully for any stains or signs of age. You wouldn’t like to gift your bride the old, faded accessories.

Handwritten Love letter

So addicted we are with the latest technology that we seldom, if ever, think of sending a nice handwritten love letter even to our dearest ones. So why not surprise her on your big day. Write (don’t type) a nice letter expressing your tender feelings about her. Tell her how much you care and how you treasure the sweet relations you both share. If you are a poet at heart, it would be an added benefit. Add a little lovely poem that depicts your true love in the best way. Use the pen you are most comfortable with and if possible employ your calligraphy skills to give it a nice visual character. Put the letter in a handcrafted envelope. Believe us; the monotonous character of typed letters can never match your handcrafted writing. You may also consider polishing your writing skills if you don’t already possess them.

Handcrafted Gifts

There are a variety of expensive gifts that you can offer your better-half on your big day. However, if you want to be more creative and add a personal touch then there is an excellent idea we want to share with you. Why not go for “crafting” a gift rather than buying it? In fact, no expensive gift can match the real charm of a handcrafted wedding souvenir for your bride. If you are good at designing, you can create a lovely card for her using your best design skills. You may also craft an elegant boutique of lovely flowers that would instantly bring a smile on her face. If drawing is your forte then frame a beautiful handmade painting depicting her beauty at the best. Presenting her this unique gift will immensely exhilarate her.

Favourite Eatables

You can offer her the eatables that she is very fond of. Generally, people offer chocolates and candies as standard gifts on the big day. However, you can offer the delicacy your better-half likes the most. It could be a pack of cookies or just a huge box of branded potato chips. You should preferably go for the delicious eatables that could easily be consumed during the journey. Nothing can be better than enjoying the small pleasures relishing your most favourite food and sharing it with the person you love the most, after enjoying the biggest ceremony of your life.