Explore Manchester in a luxurious Limo

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Explore Manchester in a luxurious Limo

It would not be an exaggeration to call Manchester a kaleidoscope of different cultures. It also has a distinct commercial importance. The old meets with new in this city where entire life is a celebration. There are a variety of picnic spots to enjoy with your entire family. One of the best ways to enjoy the city is to opt for Manchester Limo Tour. It is almost impossible to enjoy a family picnic in a crowded public transport. Hiring a general taxi is not recommendable either as it would not allow you the required legroom. Besides, during such picnics, ambience matters a lot. So, why not cruise through the magnificent city in a luxurious limo. There is a lot of reasonably cheap Manchester limo tour packages focused on offering you a great ambience. What’s more, you can also hire limo rental services online from the luxuries of your home. Once you book a limo, here are a few places to leave the whole family satisfied:

Manchester Arena

This 2-decade colossal indoor arena can easily house around 21000 audiences. The efficient staff are always ready to assist you. Watching premium quality shows offered by the top performers in such a colossal setup is an experience that would simply enthral you. Whether it is a colourful musical concert or a drama performance by some seasoned artists, you can easily feel the difference brought about by the architectural magnificence of this gigantic arena to the core character of the show.

Lowry Outlet Mall

Bring out the shopaholic in you and allow yourself some luxurious shopping spree at Lowry Outlet Mall. Ubiquitous discounts that can reach well above 50% might make you doubt their authenticity, yet you would be surprised by the prices offered by the shops of the area. You can find some premium quality lifestyle items both for men and women. With 75+ boutiques the mall allows you to sharpen your bargaining skills while adding some unique lifestyle items to your collection. After the elaborate shopping ritual, you can offer yourself some leisure time you rightfully deserve. No need to be disappointed if the time constraints do not allow you to watch a swashbuckling movie on 8 Screen cinemas that is a famous attraction of Lowry Outlet Mall. You can still have a great time enjoying sumptuous meals in child-friendly restaurants offering giant burgers, cheese-laden pizzas and pies. A must try is stone baked pizzas. You would also like the delectable artisan pies. As you have the luxury of a limo and a chauffeur, you would also like to choose from a variety of hot drinks, right from wines to crafted beers. If you are averse to alcohol or a teetotaller then you can enjoy a variety of shakes and juices.

Aerial Extreme

An aerial extreme is a great option for adrenaline junkies who adore action-filled activities. You would have a variety of activities to keep you engaged. Each activity would leave you enthralled. Each moment will enrapture you, capturing the heights of your fantasies. Enjoy the thrill of height by climbing the trees and swinging from one branch to the other. Engage your senses with a zip slide and skid down the wire in a blink of an eye. The place offers a variety of games and follows strict safety guidelines. So it is equally interesting for you, your partner and tiny tots. The entire experience will leave you exhilarated.

Manchester Museum

If you like venturing through the labyrinths of ancient history then Manchester Museum is the place for you. It offers a sprawling collection of Egyptian artefacts. How far would you like to venture into the hoary streets of history? Some objects in the museum are as old as 10,000BC that will simply enamour you. But it’s not all about the history; you would also be amazed at the height of art exhibited in these collections. Using the simple primary tools, these ancient people have created marvellous artefacts. Apart from traversing through the history and appreciating the ancient art, you would also know about the ancient civilisations that one inhabited our planet and significantly contributed to its development. Its sophisticated, beautifully designed exhibitions will make you journey back through ages.

Lego Land Discovery Centre

No one likes surprises as much as the kids do. So why not surprise your kids with a visit to Lego land Discovery Centre, a place that is just perfect for the kids. The most amazing fact about the place is that it is built with 2 million Lego bricks. Equally interesting is the fact that it houses Lego replicas of some of the most famous buildings of the city. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a mini Lego city, or should we call it a Lego Manchester? The entire experience of exploring this great place is simply overwhelming. In fact, while accompanying your kid you would realise that you are journeying through your childhood days. You might have enjoyed the nostalgic moments before, but this tour will allow you to actually live and experience the childhood nostalgia. But it has more to savour. The kids can enjoy fun-filled rides and luxurious experience of 4D cinema. Another attraction of the place is Lego fire factory.