Choose the Perfect Wedding Car: how-to Guide

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Car: a How-to Guide

When planning wedding transport, there are various things to think about, with the car you choose having a huge bearing on the style and flow of the big day. Here at Hire Limos, we have been offering wedding car rental services to the UK for many years, having helped those who are unsure as to what car will best suit them and cater to their transport needs.

If you are at that stage where you are looking to reserve your wedding cars, then we highly recommend you consider the following.


While convention tells us that wedding cars should be white, symbolising purity and new beginnings, the truth is there are a whole rainbow of options for happy couples to choose from. Deciding what colour is best for you should be based on what type of image you wish to convey on your big day. If it is tradition and purity then white may be best, however, if you are a daredevil with a eagerness to stand out, a bolder colour may be worth consideration. From red Ferraris to black Range Rovers, be sure to assess your options before making a decision.


The theme of your big day should be reflected through your car choice. For instance, if you are working with a modern theme, a new Rolls Royce Phantom may be what you are after. Alternatively, if you are working with a novelty theme such as ‘Rock n Roll’, an American muscle car may be right up your street.


When looking to reserve your cars, practicality must not be overlooked, only booking cars that can cater to your group wholeheartedly. Here at Hire Limos we have found that many brides want to travel alongside their bridesmaids when heading to get hitched. As a result, 8 and 16-seater limousines become a popular option.


Though we hate to admit it, money does dictate the type of wedding cars we can book, with rare vehicles tending to sit at the higher end of the rate card. What we have found is that having a clear budget from the offset allows you to shop smarter, only looking at cars that are suitable for your big day.

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