Enhance the experience of your new bride

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Wedding Day: Enhance the experience of your new bride

The character of a wedding theme depends on upon many things: venue, decoration, catering, the number of guests and even wedding limo model. However, the utmost importance goes to the experience it offers you and your guests. It can rightly be said that experience matters the most when it comes to a wedding party. So, you would surely love to offer a distinct experience to your sweetheart on this special day. You might already have planned different ways to delight her during the event. But wouldn’t you like to keep her spirited during the luxurious limo journey? After all, you hire wedding limo services to offer her a distinct experience. Here are a few tips for enlivening your wedding limo journey:

A grand welcome to the venue

You can ask your wedding limo provider if they can arrange a grand themed welcome service to further enhance your red carpet walking experience. There are a variety of themed welcome services you can choose from. You can also go for cheer girls to zing up your experience by dancing around with flashy attire and waving their arms in the air. Though cheerleading has a predominantly American character, it is equally famous in the UK. However, if you like the traditional British themes then why not go for Bagpiper-themed welcome. Who can resist the royal experience when welcome party dressed in charming Bagpipers attire musically announces your arrival.

Rekindle the festive spirit

No matter how grand the entire wedding experience might be, there is a strange feeling of vacuum that comes when the ceremony is over and the wedding Limo takes you back to your house. Why not renew the vigour at such time by surprising your bride. You may tell the wedding limo company not to take you directly to the home after the ceremony. Instead, take you to some favourite spots where you can take a beautiful selfie with the new bride. You might have taken many selfies before the wedding and would surely go for more after tying the knots. However, none can match the joy brought about by you selfies taken at some most romantic spots of the city just after she officially became your better half. Her natural joy and glow on her face would add a unique beauty to such selfies.

Photo Slideshow

You might even like to charm her up during your limo journey by playing the slideshow of her childhood photos on the huge LCD screen. You can request these photos from her family. Try to include the photos that are especially important for her like the first time she started walking or the trophy she won in her primary classes. Needless to say, the photos of birthday parties and Christmas celebrations are always welcome.

Old friends reunion

You can stun your bride on her Big Day by inviting some of her closest school friends on her big Day that she might not have met for years? Thanks to the internet, you won’t have to scour the streets of London with a placard of her best friends names. You can just ask her casually about her childhood friends that she has not met for years. Ask a few specifications like surname, nationality etc. Then search them on social sites like Facebook. With little efforts, you should be able to connect with them. Invite them to your wedding but keep it a secret till the Big Day arrives. Tell them to stand at the end of the red carpet. As soon as the bride completes her red carpet walk after getting down the wedding limo, she would be overwhelmed with joy to see some of her best childhood friends standing with a smile on their faces and bouquets in their hands. She would be literally walking through nostalgia lane discovering the faces of her best friends that she might have met for many years.